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Shenxiong (Adam) Li

Ph.D. Candidate in Mathematics at the University of Barcelona
My PhD Advisor is Martín Sombra.
I am a member of BGS math community of Catalonian region.



During the past several years, I've been working on several different reserach projects to seek my true motivation and interests. They primarily focused on height functions and dynamical systems.

However, in the past year, having seen the fast development of data science and related applied areas, I've developed huge interests in applying mathematics to solve real world problems, and in different coding languages. And I am seeking new opportunities for formal trainings to possibly further my potential in these applied areas.

Research Activities:

You can find all my current and past research activities here, including talks I gave and the conferences I attended. Apart from them, I also regularly attended another three seminars:

Talks Given:

Conferences Attended


You can find all my current and past teaching activities here. Currently though, I am not having any teaching responsibilities.

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences - New York University

University of Rochester


  1. This website is created solely by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, written in the VisualStudio Code. Instead of using a content management system, I found this way the most efficient.
  2. The whole website is also a coding project of mine. I learnt all these languages from online materails and the Youtube Channel Bro Code.
  3. The domain and hosting service are provided by Interserver.net. I use FileZilla as my file transfer protocol (FTP).
  4. Enabling mathematical writings (like using LATEX) in this website is made possible by MathJax.
  5. Seperate acknowledgements will be given in relevant webpages if necessary.